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Transportation Tips to Make Your Holiday Travel Plain Sailing

Transportation is one of the many sources of stress when going on a holiday abroad. Needless to say, you have to plan it carefully to avoid getting harried as well as to stretch your travel money. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Book your flight strategically

Aside from booking early, there are plenty of other means to hack your way to a cheaper airfare. For one, you can book two (or more) one-way trips rather than a round-trip. Of course, this will only work if there's a huge difference in the price between a round-trip and the two separate trips. But the odds of saving on two separate flights are higher. Another way to save on air travel is to book a flight to a less popular city (which tends to be less expensive) and get off the plane in the connecting city. The bottom line is to be strategic about timing your flight bookings.

Book your car ahead of time

Sure, there are lots of taxis available at airports or train stations, but actually getting one can be a pain. This is especially true if you're travelling during holidays, where you'll have to wait in line and get exposed to the weather. Surely, that's the last thing you want when you arrive at your destination. Avoid the hassle by booking your airport transfer well in advance. If you're travelling to Malaysia, for instance, you can pre-book your car with us and expect stress-free transfer to your hotel. It will be no more costly than getting a taxi when you arrive, but it guarantees a more plain sailing travel experience. The benefits of booking early also apply to vehicle rentals. Bonus tip: save money on accommodation by hiring a motorhome or adding storage space to your car. The following specialists can help:

Don't board early

If you have packed your bags ahead of time, you can skip the early boarding call to avoid waiting hours for your flight. However, be sure to leave enough time for commuting or driving to the airport, plus a few extra minutes for potential traffic jam. This is especially helpful when you're travelling with children. If you get there just in time for your flight, you won't have to make your children sit still while everyone else is boarding the plane. If you don't want to risk missing your flight, pre-book an airport lounge instead. Although there's an upfront fee, you will be able to enjoy a quiet environment with all the conveniences to get you through the waiting time, e.g. complimentary drinks, food, Wi-Fi, magazines, etc.

Know your airports

By checking out alternate airports before your trip, you can save both time and money on almost every front - nearby hotels, parking, traffic to and from and many more. This will also help you manage your expectations and prepare for eventualities. For instance, if you find out early that the on-site airport parking fees are staggering, you'll have more time to look for a less expensive off-site parking, such as the following:

With these tips, you can beat stress and save money, making your holiday as fun and relaxing as it can be. Check out other resources that might provide you with assistance in the future: