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How to Transport Parcels Nationally

When you need a parcel moved from one part of the country to another, you only really have three different choices, namely:

  • Transporting said parcel yourself.
  • Hiring a driver and van to transport both you and the parcel.
  • Paying a parcel courier service to deliver said parcel without your intervention.

Although there’s a lot to be said for all three methods, especially that of having a driver take you and your parcel across the country in a van (a method that’s particularly useful if you have a large number of parcels you have to deliver to the same address, plus you need to also be in said location yourself), on the whole in this situation you’re going to want to spend a fair amount of time looking at the third option; having your parcel transported across the country via courier.

If you’ve never used a courier before you’ll have to search around for one that can offer you the services you’re looking for, at a price you find to be agreeable. To do this, you should compare couriers online based on a number of filters you can personalise. When you place a filter on the maximum price you’re willing to pay for your particular parcel to make it to its destination you can ensure you’ll never pay more than that amount, regardless of what search results you get back.

Small-Scale Transportation

It’s recommended, in most cases, that you only use courier services for smaller scale transportation if you don't also have to be in the same location as the parcels you’re transporting. In this case, it pays to hire a van and driver to drive you and your stash of parcels to the location in question, with these drivers often being kind enough to help you unload your parcels once you arrive. The beauty of comparing these services online before the fact is:

  • Unfriendly couriers or drivers need not apply: The internet has helped to raise the bar in the service sector. When you compare couriers online early on you’ll instantly be able to see which companies have friendly staff based off what the reviews say. This will help make your experience working with these companies significantly more pleasurable.
  • You’ll get an idea of any up-sells and unspecified charges you’re likely to encounter: Most companies, for obvious reasons, keep up-sells and unspecified charges out of their advertising. When you read online reviews, however, these will often be the first thing other reviews will point out to you, as they won’t want you falling prey to anything you could potentially avoid.

In conclusion, to transport a parcel from one side of the country to another you have three main choices, including having a courier pick your parcel up and send it to its destination at a reasonable price. If you also need to personally be in said location, you should look into hiring a driver and van to transport you both.